Screens and Louvres
Screens and Louvres

Screens and Louvres

Screens and Louvres – Weather Protection

Australian weather conditions can be erratic at times: floods, intense rain, drought and severe heat waves. As such, it is important to arm our homes and businesses with protection against such conditions.

Being the land of so much sunshine, part of the concerns Aussies have is keeping the sun off windows and out of the home and business. In this article, we will look at how screens and louvres could help you address this problem and suggest the best option according to your needs.

In recent years houses in Australia have been getting bigger. Windows are growing in relation to the size of the house, to the point that in some cases the size of the window could compromise an entire wall. Some experts claim that around 87% of the heat in a house or apartment comes from the windows, which in the summertime makes conditions unbearable.

Therefore, they suggest that it would be more efficient to reduce heating by preventing sunlight from reaching the windows in the first place. Keeping glass cool through the external shading that screens and louvres provide is a smart, cost-effective heat prevention solution.

So, what do you need to consider when choosing a screen or louvre product that will meet your needs? Different factor all play a role

·      Location

·      Airflow

·      Visibility

·      Space

For example, a patio may require medium-high protection from rain penetration and little ventilation. Alternatively, a kitchen would need maximum ventilation and high rain protection.

In brief, as we become more conscious of rising electricity prices and the environment in general, screens and louvres have become increasingly valuable and important to Aussies cooler homes and businesses, especially during the long, hot summer months.

Do not wait for the weather to hit you, give us a call or visit our stores, here at The Aussie group we will be happy to help you.

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