Roof fall arrest systems

Roof fall arrest systems

Counting with adequate roof fall arrest systems is essential in multiple industries; construction and the telecommunication industries are some examples of this. It contributes to guaranteeing a safe environment for all workers performing jobs at heights; as well as reducing the likelihood of catastrophic events happening like serious injuries or loss of lives.

Therefore, The Aussie Group prepared this article to provide you with an overview of two of the most well-known fall arrest systems, their features and benefits.

First of all, hands-free operating roof fall protection systems have proven to be the most effective fall protection system as they allow workers to not only move around and perform work freely but also enable them to rapidly react, should a negative incident occur. Therefore, the horizontal rail system and horizontal cable system are two hands-free operating systems that have become more and more popular among companies performing work at heights.

Horizontal Rail System

It is the fall arrest system of choice for those who do not want to compromise the exterior appearance of a building. Due to its unobtrusive nature, it is relatively simple to integrate with any building design. Opposite to other systems, horizontal rail permits to perform multiple works simultaneously, increasing productivity and cutting on expenses in the long run. It also offers a flexible hands-free operation fall protection system that can be used during the inspection and maintenance of different works. The rail system is suitable for those who access the ceiling and need to be attached to it.

Horizontal cable system

The advantages of this system are similar to that of horizontal rail systems, but with the added benefit of being one of the most affordable fall protection systems in the marketplace. Besides, they are super easy to fix and the cables do not require much maintenance, just the regular polishing and adjustment of tension. The set-up of this system does not interfere with the design of the building, and can even be adapted for vertical operation. It also offers the hand-free operational aspect that is of foremost importance when working at heights

Lastly, it is essential to engage with a company with a remarkable reputation and long-trajectory in the market to carry out the installation of your roof fall arrest systems. At Aussie Height Safety we count with over 20 years of expertise in the market with outstanding results Australia wide. Want to know more? Visit our height safety division or talk to one of our professional to find the system that best suits your needs.

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