Keep your Louvre shinning!

Keep your Louvre shinning!

Louvres provide your property with an elegant contemporary style that can fit into virtually any environment. In addition to adding style and class to any property, aluminium louvres also allow the natural flow of light without the light being obtrusive, while adding privacy for you, your workers or your family (did you know louvres can be placed in various angles?).

Not to mention: louvres add extra security from uninvited guest, without compromising your outdoor view and natural air flow!

Like other items around your property that are subject to the external environment, in order to ensure an impeccable look all year round louvres do require the occasional cleaning; thankfully however, the aluminium construction means that any of this required cleaning is usually super easy.

With years of experience in manufacturing and installing Screen and Louvres, The Aussie Group has the right knowledge to help ensure your news louvres will look amazing for many years to come.

Simply follow our 4 step process to effectively clean aluminium louvres, and thereby extending their lifespan:

  1. Remove any dust residues that have developed on your shades; the most efficient way to do so is by vacuuming these residues, making sure to use a soft or delicate brush head.
  2. Wipe down to catch any dust or dirt that the vacuum did not catch.
  3. Shower the louvres with some water; do not use chemicals unless you want to remove grease or other clingy spots.
  4. Make sure to dry the louvre thoroughly. Do not leave any water as it may produce watermarks; if it is a sunny day the sun will do the job, otherwise point a fan towards the louvres.

Now you are done!

Enjoy the renewed look of your aluminium louvres. By cleaning them regularly you will not only maintain their enhanced appearance, but will also prolong their lifespan. Lastly, keep in mind that this cleaning process should be done in three to six month intervals, depending on their location, exposure and weather conditions.

At the Aussie Group we manufacture and install the best aluminium louvres in South-East Queensland, making sure that the louvres you install live up to your expectations.

For any questions, our team is here to help. Call or visit us today.

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