Importance of height safety in buildings

Importance of height safety in buildings

Whether you are starting a new project at home or managing a construction project, it is essential that you and all your workers are protected and equipped with the correct set of tools and practices to prevent and/or eliminate any hazard that may put you or others at risk.

Frighteningly, in Australia, 12% of work fatalities between 2006 and 2016 were as a result of falls from a height. It thus comes as no surprise that working at heights is a heavily regulated job, mandating rigorous controls, including training, equipment, and the like. With this in mind, in this article, the Aussie Group wanted to provide you with two key aspects that need to be considered when working at heights.

Know your height to know your measures

Before commencing any height related work, it is important to evaluate the height from which the work will be conducted. Why? With varying height comes differing requirements in the control measures that may be applicable. Hence, providing training to employees on best practices is essential, not only to ensure they do not draw risk to themselves and their co-workers, but to also avoid fines or legal actions for not following safety protocols.

Working at Heights and PPE

Further to instructing your employees on best practices, training on the various aspects of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is also a must! As a minimum, the user should be able to effectively inspect the equipment prior to use, understand how to operate the equipment, and recognise failures and act accordingly, should there be an issue. Additionally, it is recommended that equipment such as harnesses and lanyards are inspected by a competent agent or authority at least once a year.

Working at Heights is a serious topic

Working safely at height is not something that occurs because of luck. Nor is it important purely to meet compliance requirements with safety regulations and regulators. It is a matter that requires preparation, education, and multiple hours of training to ensure that:

  • Firstly, your employees do not represent a liability to themselves or others, helping make sure people get home safely from work.
  • Secondly, it will prevent you from incurring expensive fines for breaching WHS protocols.

At the Aussie Group we offer our high-quality height safety systems to businesses across Australia.

For any questions on how we could better assist your height safety needs, our team is here to help. Call or visit us today.For any questions, our team is here to help. Call or visit us today.

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