Ensuring a safe environment at heights

Ensuring a safe environment at heights

Roofs are an essential part of any building; they protect the house or the business from external agents, weather conditions, and improve the general look of any property. For many reasons, working at heights on roofs is a daily occurrence for many Australians. Common as this may be, working on roofs is a highly risky activity, and many people have suffered severe injuries because of undertaking jobs under unsafe working environments or following incorrect safety practices.

Hence, the Aussie Group has prepared this article to provide you with some tips to help ensure an appropriate and safe work atmosphere when working at heights.

  1. Work on solid ground: The best way to protect you and/or your workers from the risk of falling is just by avoiding working at heights at all! Of course, this is not realistic, and so alternatively if it is required to perform any action at heights, attempt to work on solid surfaces/platforms only.
  2. Fall prevention devices/equipment: Putting in place the correct set of tools reduces the likelihood of an accident from happening. These instruments are designed to prevent accidents on temporary jobs at heights; they do not require ongoing adjustments, alteration or modification by a third party once they are in place after initial installation.
  3. Work positioning systems: Work positioning systems empower an individual supported in a tensioned harness to perform the job safely, and must be only used if the job cannot be performed under the conditions mentioned above; such systems require a high level of technical competency from both the user and the supervisor to guarantee their safe use.
  4. Fall arrest systems: These systems must only be used under very special circumstances and following rigorous industry guidelines; they are installed so that a person falling an uncontrolled distance travels the shortest possible period, stopping the worker from falling to the ground.
  5. Emergency procedure for falls: Emergency procedures must be established, and first aid equipment provided if there is an existing risk from working at heights. The effectiveness of these procedures must be examined by a competent agent and workers must be entirely informed with instructions and training relating to such procedures.

If you would like to talk to a professional about how to make of your home and/or business a safe environment for working at heights, contact one of our specialists at The Aussie Group. Come in-store now!

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