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Aussie Height Safety—South East Queensland’s experts in height safety installation — we offer installation of anchor points, abseiling anchors, façade access systems, aluminum roof top walkways and guard rails, safety static lines, modular plant decks and screens, access ladders, and bird netting systems. We offer our high-quality height safety systems to businesses all across Australia. Our South East Queensland clients get the benefit of our installation expertise when required and customers outside our local area enjoy full online and phone support to help them with any installation advice.

Aussie Height Safety is a well recognised and respected provider to the construction industry, industrial facilities, property and roofing sectors. Over the past decade, Aussie Height Safety has supplied height safety equipment for countless locations throughout South East Queensland, New South Wales and Australia.

Aussie Height Safety’s experience is second to none with a staff experience list topping 50 years in construction, height safety and façade access. Backed with a high level of understanding of the industry and the controlling standards, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re in good hands. Aussie Height Safety has you covered for all your needs—from major High Rises to facilities and school projects. 

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Products & Services

Anchor Points

You can depend on Aussie Height Safety for the design and installation of your roof anchor points. That’s because our team provides solutions tailored to the needs of your workplace or project. Specialising in the installation of custom roof systems, we complete all work to Australian safety standards and Work Safe requirements.

Roof anchors provide secure connection points around the outside of your building, allowing workers to complete tasks safely and with plenty of time to spare. These anchor points are ideal for jobs that require completion near an unprotected edge. All our roof anchors comply with the following safety standards:

  • AS1891.4
  • AS5532
  • AS4488

Each installation comes with a 10-year product warranty, giving you peace of mind and value for money. Upon completion of your installation, Aussie Height Safety will provide a user manual and certification to ensure you are able to use your system safely and with ease.

Access Ladders

The access ladders, platforms and stairs on your property must comply with AS1657:2018 as well as the Managing the Risk of Falls at Workplaces Code of Practice. At Aussie Height Safety, our team will design, manufacture and install fixtures that meet Australian standards. Fixed rung ladders, step type ladders, caged ladders, stair systems—we provide a range of solutions that enable safe access to your rooftop, walkways or plant platforms, as well as entrances between roof levels and to roof access hatches. 

We manufacture all of our ladders using aluminium, ensuring they are light, durable and corrosion-resistant. Taking details of your site into account, we tailor our ladders to suit your needs. All ladders come with non-slip rungs and are available with fall protection accessories, including lockable cage gates and ladder doors, fall protection cable systems and authorized access signage. 

Roof Access Hatches

Roof access hatches are ideal for ensuring workplace compliance and the safety of your staff. All roof access hatches are manufactured in-house, meaning Aussie Height Safety can ensure quality at every stage. Our installations come in a range of sizes, with hinged or sliding hatch designs available. Depending on your roofing profile, we match all installations to suit. Our team will also provide dry pan or back flashings to guarantee a water tight finish. These are available with standard zinc coatings or power coated in a colour of your choice at our workshop here in Loganholme.

Fold Down Ceiling Ladders

Fold down access ladders are ideal for accessing your roof internally. Aussie Height Safety can provide fold down access ladders to suit a variety of applications. If you need to access a suspended ceiling or void, industrial purlin type construction or timber truss installation, we have the solutions you need. Our team can install a lightweight, robust and maintenance-free ceiling ladder with a working load of 150kg. For industrial-rated ladders that are adaptable to all ceiling types, contact Aussie Height Safety.


Plant Decks & Screens

Plant decks are ideal for installing AC systems directly above internal units, reducing the need for complex and expensive ductwork. Our plant decks are easy to install when compared to traditional heavy steel decks. Typically installed to 600mm increments and meeting a 2.5kpa live load, our plant decks can be used for many applications. Each structure is lined with medium-density foam rubber tape to ensure surface traction. This tape also acts as a waterproof seal and dissimilar metal separation barrier.

Our team can even provide screens to surround the plant deck, hiding the plant from sight and blocking any noise. We can powder coat your screens to match the colour and the design of your existing structure.

Walkways & Guard Rail Systems

Aussie Height Safety offers permanent roof walkways and guardrail systems to minimise risks to your workers, including contractors and technicians. These installations are cost-effective and require little-to-no maintenance, helping you save money in the long run. With permanent and controlled access to elevated surfaces, such as plant decks, these walkways are an ideal solution. Guardrail systems also prevent falls and ensure workers have a safe method of accessing roof areas and plant machinery. All walkways and guard rails are installed to meet Australian standards. 

Abseil & Facade Access Systems

Aussie Height Safety has installed facade access systems for many years. With extensive experience in the construction industry, we provide the following: abseil rail systems, davit arm systems, abseil rigs, anchor points, flush-mounted concealed anchors and cast-in anchors. All Aussie Height Safety abseil systems are fabricated in house. We partner with leading engineers to provide access solutions that are efficient, affordable and designed to stand the test of time. Whether they are required for a new build or retrofitted to existing buildings, you can count on our installations. We ensure every system is compliant with relevant Australian standards, OH&S regulations and current industry practices. All our systems are tested and tagged with a certificate of compliance

Roof Workers Kits & PPE Equipment

  • LINQ Essential harness H101
  • RKRG015 Rope kernmantle with thimble eye & rope grab. 15M with permanently attached shock absorbing 450mm assembly and screw gate karabiner
  • HSASE2515 Anchor Strap Endless 25mm – 1.5M x 1
  • KSGSA18 Screw Gate Karabiner x 1
  • 450mm Shock Pack
  • Batch tested to AS/NZS 1891.1: 3.8m drop using 100kg test weight, reducing forces to under 4.5kN
  • An exclusive Extended Length Energy Absorber (ELEA) designed to protect a workers, of up to 160kg, tools and equipment
  • Pebble weave webbing provides maximum grip precluding incidental buckle slippage
  • Combined belay loop sub pelvic strap positioning reduces risk of throat and facial injury at moment of impact
  • Retro-reflectivity built into webbing
  • 160kg wearer capacity (combined weight of wearer, clothing and tools) when used in conjunction with LINQ shock absorbing lanyard
  • Articulated chest and shoulder straps adjustment points designed for female wearers
  • Contrast stitch thread colour for easy inspection and AS/NZS 1891.1 compliance
  • Unique to LINQ – Green for safely locked – Red for not locked feature / indicator
  • Weight 165gm
  • Rated to 25kN
  • Opening 18mm
  • Made from Steel Alloy
  • Elite Kit Bag (HSKB525) x 1

Bird Netting

Keep your jobsite or commercial space free of wildlife with bird netting from Aussie Guard Rails. We supply bird netting that is tested to meet Australian standards and OH&S regulations—designed to protect your site or crops from nesting and feeding. Contact our team today to learn more.

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