Height Safety Systems – What’s best?

Height Safety Systems – What’s best?

Height safety systems aim to control height safety risks under different circumstances. Therefore, thorough working conditions’ analysis is a mandatory activity at any construction, to identify the system that best suits a job. For example, it is best practice to install guardrails to prevent loose objects or material to fall off the roof. However, there are some situations where this safety measure isn’t practical and other alternatives must be evaluated.

The Aussie group prepared this article to advise on some of the key aspects to consider for selecting the most optimal height safety systems.

Review working conditions

The most important aspect you need to review is the conditions of the work environment. This entails checking that the roofs do not present gaps as they suppose a risk to the workers. It is well known that roofs with gaps/ holes significantly increase the likelihood of fatal accidents happening when working at heights. http://www.blog4safety.com/2018/09/right-type-roof-height-safety-preventing-accidents-at-workplace/

Roofs that present minor inclinations are a perfect example to demonstrate the relevance of reviewing working conditions. Under this specific circumstance, anchor points are preferable over guardrails. Workers equipped with harnesses of adequate length are less exposed to accidents compared to those workers operating under a different height safety system.


It is essential to consider your employees’ expertise. It is ideal to prioritise systems that your employees feel comfortable operating and, most importantly, installing. Even if you have an innovative height safety system, it is of vital importance to train your employees on the proper use of these systems. Remember that workers who use system/equipment that they are unqualified to operate represent a hazard for themselves and others.

Lastly, it is essential to liaise with a company with a remarkable reputation and trajectory installing height safety systems. At the Aussie Height Safety division our staff experience lists topping 50 years in construction. Want to know more? Visit our height safety division website https://theaussiegroup.com.au/aussie-height-safety/#products; or talk to one of our professionals at 07 3806 2861 to find the system that best suits your needs.