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The Aussie Group has firmly established its reputation for providing the highest quality Australian-made fabricated metal products.

Sheet Metal Manufacturer South East Queensland

The Aussie Group is a locally owned and operated business in Loganholme that manufactures for commercial and industrial clients throughout South East Queensland. 

The Aussie Group has firmly established its reputation for providing the highest quality Australian-made fabricated metal products.

Over the past decade, we have been fabricating metal to exacting standards for discerning clients.

We’ve also completed thousands of installations at homes, businesses and industrial locations in South East Queensland.

Based in Loganholme, we offer first class delivery in all of South East Queensland

Our dedication to providing safe, effective and on-time protection for our clients has taken our company from a modest operation to an industry-leading business with 4 distinct divisions. 

The Aussie Group now comprises:

  • Aussie Sheet Metal

We maintain the same high quality standards across all divisions, each with its own set of products. 

You can expect the same uncompromising “Aussie Group” quality when you buy any of our products.

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Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to manufacturing safety products, we are uncompromising. It’s quality all the way. The same is true when we fabricate sheet metal to custom requirements.

Customer satisfaction is our reward for this insistence on high quality.

Customers in South East Queensland also benefit from The Aussie Group’s specialist installation and maintenance services. Our dedicated professionals go out to our South East Queensland customers and personally manage the installation of our guard rails, walkways, anchor points, and other products.

The logic is undeniable—as your manufacturer, when we take care of your installation, you’ll benefit from safer, longer lasting, trouble-free performance from the products.

Our customers in other locations around Australia may not get the benefit of our personal attention on-site but they still benefit from our specialists’ experience. Expert help with installation can be easily accessed online, through email, and by phone.

Safety Matters

At The Aussie Group, our products are subjected to stringent manufacturing processes. With safety being an over-riding principle and certainly an absolute requirement for many of our products, you can expect our finished products to be well and truly ready for real-world action.

We fabricate metal that gives no issues in regard to functionality and durability… not today, not years from now.

It’s not for nothing that we have become the premier manufacturer of  fabricated sheet metal products. When your sheet metal and aluminium products are made by The Aussie Group, you can trust that they will be the safest products of their kind on the market